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Sewing the fabric of your life by unpicking the past and designing your future.

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Designer Therapist or Therapist Designer?

It took 25 years to carefully craft my life as a fashion designer doing the work I truly loved. In these 25 years I achieved a degree in Fashion and Technology from Wits, I tutored in several Fashion schools, designed for stage performances such as Octopia Festival, Africa Burn, Lenovo, Comic Con, Rage and many H2O parties. I’ve made countless Wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses and super cute flower girl tutus. Dressed Rock stars and Red carpet Frocks for celebrities and Prom girls. Then there were the Television programs such as Dancing with the Stars and my ultimate season one and two of the Bachelor. My proudest moment was when Gina Myers wore my lemon yellow dress as she won Season one.

Let’s just say life gave me many lemons after that and well you know how it goes.

I decided to make lemonade.

During my break from Fashion I was fortunate enough to follow my heart and study my other passion which is Psychology and specifically mind power. You see years spent around the hemlines of client’s dresses has given me a really good idea of what people are struggling with and now I have the most revolutionary tools to help them. It never ceases to amaze me how my gorgeous seemingly confident clients come in to have a beautiful dress designed and as the fittings take place all their vulnerabilities come to the surface. It’s human nature, we connect through our heart stories and I always feel incredibly privileged to listen.

During this lemonade making faze of my time on earth I was forced to asses everything in my life. I moved away from a toxic city to the beautiful coastline of South Africa. I exchanged a stately home with all the trims for an apartment with an ocean view. I swopped long nights with early mornings. Traffic jams for walks on the beach. But my biggest shift was in my career and how I now serve those clients from the inside. Nothing looks good on an unhappy person. Your mind tells it’s own story and records information through it’s own perspective. When you and your siblings, parents, friends, teachers or any other person see the same event you are all recording it in your mind through the lens of your life. Everything you have experienced up to this point is the determining factor for what type of lens you experience the events in your life.

Marisa Peer is the extraordinary creator of RTT, which has won many awards for being so revolutionary. Rapid Transformational Therapy includes elements from other modalities. Throughout her 30 plus years as a therapist Marisa Peer has pin pointed and refined the most effective parts of CBT, Hypnotherapy, Pscychology, neuroplasticity and NLP. She carefully perculated these into a phenomenal set of tools that I use to get the results for my clients.

Her approach is that the mind is complex but not complicated, that there are specific rules by which the mind is governed. We can use these rules and apply her well honed tools to get the desired outcome, to move past our challenges.

My closest friends have commented that this is an even better fit for me as a career because I’ve always been a therapist to them. Others have said that this is what made me a great designer because I took the time to listen to what they actually wanted even when they could not explain themselves. I would carefully negotiate and tease out the design brief until we had a clear design spec complete with all the elements of the dress and they had a realistic expectation of the outcome.

Looking back now I see their point I have always been the kind of designer that will mould to the needs of my customer rather than assert my vision on them relentlessly. I allow my clients to be the visionary and I processed the creation through my exceptional skill set. I have always prided myself in being client centric and this is something I will continue to do.

RTT has a similar process whereby you don’t spend months chatting about all the issues and possible rabbit holes you could go down to explore for ages only to hit possible dead ends while ignoring the gaping wound buried deeply at root level. With my guidance you follow a concise path that will clearly put in perspective the direction of our session and a clearly defined expectation.

I am the vehicle through which clients get what they truly want. It is this way of seeing myself that achieves the results I have as a Fashion Designer and now as a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner.

I love how versatile this Therapy is. Each individual persons' issue needs different and specific tools to tailor the session for incredible results to be achieved.

Those of you who have had dresses made with me know that I am not a designer that needs endless fittings and here again that is the type of Therapy I offer. It’s why it’s called Rapid Transformational Therapy. I’ve only ever needed three sessions maximum to see results and usually one session is enough!

Life’s too short for staying stuck in a holding pattern and everything is temporary but you choose how quickly you move past bitter times…🍋

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