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Stop Smoking Now!

Panic Attack Protocol:

Public Speaking Confidence:

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This package is right for you if you Vape or Smoke and are ready to quit. Smoking is one of those dumb things smart people do. You hate that you smoke but you do it anyway. You spend good money on quality products for your skin, go to gym, eat healthy food but regularly inhale carcinogenic smoke into the organ that keeps you alive.


I’m not judging I used to be a smoker until I stopped to actually think about it. Vaping is the new wolf in sheep’s clothing, so appealing with its brightly coloured packaging and enticing flavors. If someone brought out candy flavored cyanide you would not take it because you know cyanide will kill you no matter what flavor you savor.


The results speak for themselves Hypnotherapy has the highest success rate with smoking than any other treatment.

This package is for you if you suffer from regular panic attacks and feel a slave to this cycle. You've tried several things but find yourself in this anxiety loop time and again. I have first hand proof that panic attacks can come to an end. Like most of you I thought they never would and that once they had set in my child was going to just have to learn to live with them.


NO. You do not have to settle for that. Whether it be due to stress in the work place, driving anxiety, social anxiety or looping thoughts buried deep in the subconscious, hypnotherapy can tap into the fight or flight alarm system to disarm the bomb. It could be that you have developed a habit of panic attacks and your neural pathways are hard wired to trigger. Through neuroplasticity we can create a beaten path and new habit.

This package is for you if you would like to be able to deliver presentations in the work place, present a great Wedding speech or that all important eulogy. If you are one of many people that simply fall to pieces at the idea of public speaking then this one’s for you.


Perhaps you are an entrepreneur who needs to start speaking in front of an audience or on social media. You have lots to say but no idea how you can get over this fear. As business owners we are our brand and thus need to represent ourselves publically. It's what sets successful people apart.  Even though you may be better qualified, if no one hears your voice you will remain in the starting blocks.


My client Brian Mkhize came to me to work on his public speaking confidence. He has his own marketing company which means he needs to pitch high end clients. We went back the the root cause which revealed school trauma. We worked on that. He reports he has been so confident and even enjoys doing presentaions.

This package is open to anything you want to address. The only prerequisite is that you book your session with full commitment to putting in the work. Once we have had our session it's up to you to listen to the recording to wire in your transformation.


I welcome any issue judgement free. Take a look at the above sections and find the topic that's right for you.


We are always afraid of failure and things not working out. What if we flip it, what if things worked exactly the way we wanted them to? What do you want from your life or better yet what habit or situation would you change if you could?


"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right!" Henry Ford

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