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  • Does online hypnotherapy work?

YES, all of my consultations are performed on line on a laptop or a mobile phone. There are so many benefits to online therapy. What's needed for hypnotherapy is a tranquil environment and a comfortable chair or bed. You see when you are in your own space you are surrounded by familiar sounds and smells this clears away some of the posible distractions so you are able to be fully emerced in the task at hand. When you don't have the panic of having to drive to your appointment and worrying about how you look you can just be fully presant in our session.

  • How do I know you can help me with my issue?

You can book a free 20 min dicovery call. Hypnotherapy requires you to be at the point of wanting change in a serious and dedicated way. Having said that anytime you feel trapped by your habits, stuck in a detromental cycle that you can't find your way out of or you are so lost and need someone to help you make sence of it all hypnotherapy can help you. I psecialise in making people draw a line in the sand and walk over it in a powerful and presant way.

  • How many sessions do I need?

Most of my clients require only one session to resolve their most pressing issue as you will see from the testimonialas. It depends largely on what your presenting problem is and most people require three sessions for a full life reset. 

  • What is hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a changed state of awareness and increased relaxation that allows for improved focus and concentration. Hypnotherapy is performed by a qualified mental health practicioner who uses the tools of Rapid transformation to guid your mind to the point of change.

  • I wear a hearing aid can online hypnotherapy work for me.

YES all you need is your hearing aids to be connected to you phone. 


Diana, Germany

Thank you, Nidia, for a very good RTT session in which I went to the root cause of my business
blockages. You knew exactly how to guide me with your insightful questions so that I set myself free. I
also love the personalized recording you made for me. Whatever life of abundance is in store for me from
now on, know that you are part of it. Lots of love and gratitude,


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Shabana, Dubai

“I had an amazing session with Nidia! Her warmth and intuition made me connect with her effortlessly. She helped me to uncover and release blocks which were holding me back, which I wasn’t even aware existed. With my new understanding, I felt so much release after our session and since listening to her recording, over the days that followed, I feel that my attitude and feelings towards my issue are changing for the better. I am beginning to relate to my issue differently - with positivity, excitement and a belief that I deserve what my heart desires - and it feels so good! Thank you for helping me with that, Nidia! “


- Shabana 

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Elizabeth, Greace

Hi Nidia,                                                  I just want to reach out and let you know how my  life is fuller for meeting you, from the start of my first time speaking to you via zoom I new I wanted to have a session with you ,  I was so relaxed I thought I had known you for ages and then the day of my session I was a bit apprehensive not know what was going to happen,butt I shouldn't have been cause you are a star in my eyes . you checked up on me after 10 days and I was able to truthfully say with my COPD I had no trouble with my breathing were as before I could walk to the kitchen and be shattered for the rest of the day and as for my stomach and bowels I put a happy face in my book every day  you also checked up on me after 21 days to see how I was, I'm so happy my daughter recommended you to me and my session tape it won't be every night I listen to it ,it will be forever yours faithfully Elizabeth        

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