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My Story


This will be my life’s work as long as I breathe…

What's my story?

I have a friend who is absolutely obsessed with asking everyone she meets what their story is.

I'm going to pretend you are such a person and tell you my story.

Hi I’m Nidia from Gasp Couture...

Nope that's how I used to introduce myself....


Some of you may know me for my fashion design work.

In life there are many pivotal moments and I had a few in a row. Covid provided two years of hard times and just when I thought things could not get any worse…they did.

Like most parents with children, everything you achieve in life only truly means something off the back of happy children.

This carpet was ripped away at the hands of a perpetrator sending my life into a spin.

25 Years of hard work and dedication building a wonderful fulfilling career now meant nothing.

When a year and a half of Dr’s visits, multiple rounds of different medication and hospital stays as well as several other specialists input brought no peace to my child I knew that I had had enough of the system. It failed my child and I was not about to allow her to be reliant on ineffective mind altering medication for the rest of their life. Sitting in countless waiting rooms I watched scores of parents with sad eyes and zero choices.

I felt it in my heart that there was a better way, I believed that our mind has all the answers, I knew that my once extremely happy, bright, talented, smart, creative, fun child changed suddenly and that, that was the effect and that there had to have been a cause. I felt bitter, betrayed, let down, cheated and a deep debilitating sadness.

I knew that every time she took medication she looked worse, more distant, lost in herself. Sometimes the side effects caused paralyses, convulsions, ticks, seizures, chronic passing out. When I told the doctors they said not to worry they have seen it all before. The advice was always the same just keep taking the medication. Who was I to question…Just another mom desperate for answers, sleep deprived, broken hearted, a parent without a degree in psychology, medicine or psychiatry.

What could I do?

The bills were piling up, the big house needed feeding and with my loss of income it became unsustainable. We made a decision to sell up and move to the coast where I could dedicate all my time to my child. Surely then I could take her to more specialists and have more time to try therapies etc.

Things got much worse…

With a passion for pschychology and a purpose to help others stuck in a cycle of torment I began my studies in Rapid transformational Therapy and hypnotherapy. Driven by white knuckle effort to heal my baby and the gift of time due to giving up my Fashion business, I jumped in.

It worked…

This is how I became a life reset specialist and I have the experience, qualification and heart led intuition to help you move on from your stuck point.


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I look forward to being part of your journey to a better life experience. This therapy has given me back the rose tinted glasses I will never again take for granted. 

"To create something exceptional, your mind must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail." Giorgio Armani

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